Overview of the Sensitization Sessions

A core activity of the Department of Social Cohesion is its Sensitization Session. This is usually the first step or entry into an area. Sensitization Sessions are geared towards creating awareness of the Department, its functions, its achievements to date, the Social Cohesion Agenda and how it impacts on the lives of the participants. These sessions usually take about two to three hours and are usually done via PowerPoint presentation. 

In the Session the following key points are presented to the attendees in order to facilitate the awareness component of the presentation:

  • The Department of Social Cohesion
    • Vision and Mission of the MOSC
    • Core Values
    • Legal Framework
    • Signature activities of the Department
      • Social Cohesion Day
      • Harmony Village
      • Inter-Village Exchange Program
      • Training Programs
      • Religious Core Groups 
  • The Social Cohesion Agenda
    • Definition of Social Cohesion
    • What does the Department aim to achieve through social cohesion?
    • What are the implications at the various levels of government and governance structures?

It is expected that the following points of interest would be impressed upon the attendees through the duration of the session:

  • An increased awareness and sensitivity about behaviors that contribute to building better relations between individuals in a community 
  • A greater commitment by participants to contribute towards nurturing individual and community relations
  • To progressively create enabling environments to forge and reinforce strong family, community, national values and relationships, in order to enhance and sustain socio- economic, cultural and spiritual well-being as well as enriched livelihoods for all (M)
  • Strengthened social relations, interactions and ties at community and national levels
  • Engender a sense of trust, belonging, participation, legitimacy, respect and inclusion among citizens 
  • Positive attitudes and behavior to differences
  • Peaceful Coexistence
  • Opportunities for upward mobility
  • Greater potential contribution to nation building