Georgetown, Guyana – The Ministry of the Presidency, Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport today wrapped up yet another Diversity Education and Inclusion Training Programme; this time, with 40 leaders and members of the Guyana United Apostolic Mystical Council (GUAMC).

The two-day training was hosted at the Ministry’s Racquet and Resource Centre located on Woolford Avenue in Georgetown. The Training was spearheaded by Ms. Rolinda Kirton and Ms. Rishon Rambarran. 

The aforementioned training is being spearheaded as part of a strategic effort to unite all Guyanese.

“The aim of these trainings is to get persons to truly understand who they are, what they stand for, so that they can develop an appreciation for the diversities that dwell among them,” said Technical Officer attached to the Ministry, Ms. Pamela Nauth.

According to Nauth, a large portion of the training deals with identifying one’s prejudices, understanding where those prejudices come from and how to ensure that important decisions and interactions are not influenced by preconceived biases.

Latoya Stewart of the St. Peter’s Seven Days Apostolic Spiritual Baptist Mission believes that the programme being executed by the Ministry has the potential to transform Guyana.

“I genuinely believe that this programme can lead us to achieving unity and harmony among all Guyana, regardless of our differences,” Stewart said.

Having been exposed to the training, the 24-year-old believes that she is now better equipped to go about her life in a way that is conducive to the promotion and advancement of national unity and cohesion.

“This has truly been an enriching and an enlightening experience,” Stewart posited.

The young woman pointed to a particular exercise that allowed her to truly understand where prejudices come from.

“I was amazed at how unconsciously we are able to be unfair to another human being. We may not even intend to be that way, but it happens. We all have our biases, and I think this programme will make me question my decisions, as a way of making sure that I am not doing anybody any injustices,” Stewart said.

She added that “despite all the differences among us, we still all want the same thing – to be included, accepted and loved for who we are and what we stand for.”

Bishop and President of the GUAMC, Ms. Brenda Williams was particularly pleased with how detailed the training was. She expressed sincere gratitude to the Department of Social Cohesion for executing such a comprehensive training.

Bishop Williams said that the mission of the Department of Social Cohesion is also in keeping with the values being promoted by GUAMC.

“The programme really outlined how thankful we should be for our diversities. Our differences are our gifts and we should respect it,” Williams added.

From the feedback provided, it was clear that the Department of Social Cohesion has found an ally in the GUAMC, as both entities commit to working towards bridging gaps and promoting harmony at all levels.

The Department of Social Cohesion has hosted approximately 92 Diversity Education and Inclusion Training Programmes, thus far. It continues to execute sensitization sessions in various parts of the country, as a means of fostering unity and embracing diversities.

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